Original line

We thought about what we could do to maintain the skills and knowledge of natural hand-dyeing in the current market, where the number of craftsmen in general are steeply declining. Our answer was to make “products” instead of “art works”. To make handcrafted garments that are affordable and functional, a ‘little something special’ to wear in everyday life. 

Garments and Fashion Accessories

The design choices for natural hand-dyed clothes can be limitless, for example, the different combinations of dyes, color, patterns and fabric. Our original lines were initially created as samples to showcase possibilities to our OEM clients. Currently, we produce our own design series as part of the research and development process, experimenting with expression and trying out new options for dyeing. These lines are standard daily clothes with the subtle colors of natural dye that grows with you over time. The latest models of our original line are launched annually to share our new findings on the natural dyeing process. 

Other materials and fashion accessories

We also search for ways that dyed goods (other than clothes) may be incorporated into modern life. Our accessory products comprise of interior pieces, such as mobiles, tapestries and lanterns made of wood, paper or leather materials. We also enjoy collaborating with craftsmen and artists on various items.

Original Lines of Takarajima Senkou

- Originally planned, designed and hand-dyed by our craftsmen
- Natural dyes have unique colors that develop character with age
- Simple, standard and universal designs that suit every person regardless of age, gender and figure
- Sewn by trusted craftsmen in Japan with utmost care
- Comfortable fabric mainly made from natural material such as cotton and linen
- Planning and development of dyeing applied to accessories and other materials such as paper, wood and leather

About Natural Dye

In the past, clothes were dyed for medicinal effect, as an insect repellent and to show social status. Until in the 19th century, when the artificial coloring was introduced, naturally dyed garments were worn by everybody, in all social classes.
As we can create fabric in any color today, natural dye stands out with its subtle variation and gentle yet profound shades extracted from botanicals such as leaves, flowers, roots, bulks and fruits, as well as from soil, charcoal, tea, coffee, algae and other such natural materials.
Natural dye does have a downside, however, as it is more susceptible to fading from sunlight and color transfer.
We do not deny this. We explain to our customers that naturally-dyed clothes are just like plants and natural materials - by taking care of it, just like watering and adjusting the sunlight for your plants, the fabric will grow with you into your very own shade and texture. It is a material you can enjoy nurturing. We also offer re-dyeing of items from our original lines for a fee.