Takarajima Senkou

Connections through dyeing
In the green fields of Fukuoka’s countryside, we run a medium-sized dyeing workshop. Our workshop uses only traditional hand-dyeing methods and natural dyes made from botanicals.

Original Line

Our original lines are designed to be simple, gender-free and ageless to fit anyone naturally. The color of natural dye will mature
over time with the wearer, making the clothes their one and only.
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Original Equipment Manufacturing

We take orders from apparel and other companies to dye their product. We can respond to the middle-size production orders applying the artisanal technique and the system we have developed through years of experience in business.

Natural dyes and dyeing techniques

Here are the introduction of the natural dyeing materials and some traditional methods we use in the workshop.
By combination of the fabric material, colorant and technique, you can give the product various different characteristics and nuances.

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