Since 2001, our main business has been hand-dyeing textiles and other products for apparel brands using natural dyes such as indigo, Japanese ink and plants, and traditional tying, folding and board-tightening techniques. Our strength is the workshop’s medium-sized production capacity, from a few dozen to hundreds of pieces per lot, which is not often seen in natural dyeing.

While hand-dyeing produces nuanced pieces, we are able to deliver a consistent standard in quality, quantity and production time through our database of colors, methods and cost developed during trials and testing. Thinking with our clients and working together to materialize their wishes, furthers our learning and develops our skills in hand-dyeing, creating new ways for these skills to survive.

Natural Dye OEM of Takarajima Senkou

1. Management of traditional methods - succeeding and conserving hand-dyeing techniques

2. Medium-sized production of natural dye products

3. Establishing a natural dye and hand dyeing business

Flow of Order for Dyeing

- Receiving a request: the content and plan of the order

… We will make suggestions for material and pattern according to the client’s request (i.e. design, color, quantity, budget and timeframe).

- Color test based on the selected fabrics, color chart and order sheet (at extra cost)

 … Adjusting the color by undertaking a number of color tests. Shrinking rate is also checked in this process.

- Making samples of colors defined in the above process

… We will dye the actual fabrics provided by the client. The finished sample will be presented.

- Quotation

… Finalizing the process and colors of the product after checking the sample results. We will present a quotation for actual production.

- Production

- Delivery